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A series of performance characteristics of the air bubble bag making machine
- Nov 17, 2018 -

The air bubble bag making machine is suitable for making plastic film packaging bags for hardware, electronic products and small electrical products of polyethylene bubble film, composite epe pearl cotton and other materials. The whole machine adopts microcomputer computer control, stepping motor tow material; at the same time, it has computer fixed length, accurate and stable. The function of automatic counting, counting alarm and setting the whole stop can make the bubble bag making machine complete from sheet to bag once, reducing the cost of site, process and labor.


The air bubble bag making machine completes the bag forming by folding and welding through the plastic bubble fabric, and the production effect is accurate and the welding is firm and not easy to be cracked. The bubble bag making machine includes automatic feeding, automatic rectification, automatic folding, automatic pressure line embossing, automatic constant temperature control, automatic slicing and automatic output of finished products, etc. The advanced ultrasonic technology production and constant temperature system are perfectly matched to complete the bubble bag making.


The bubble bag making machine has the characteristics of high speed, high output, no focal edge, and burrs. It is equipped with high-quality imported high-speed operation, fully automated automatic production equipment, powerful power, and can adjust power according to different fabrics and thicknesses. Ideal equipment for eco bag products.