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Advantages of monolayer blown film machine and quality of film produced
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The monolayer blown film machine is advantageous for supplying large-scale supermarket vest bag flat-pocket film blowing, and directly processing the film on the production line, which can be directly used for printing processing, and the color is flat and high. If you want to produce high-quality garbage bag film, you can do it with recycled materials and calcium carbonate to increase the stretchability and impermeability of the bag.


The extruder, barrel and screw of the monolayer blown film machine are made of high-quality alloy steel. After nitriding treatment and precision processing, it has the best hardness and corrosion resistance. The special design of the screw improves the output and perfect plasticization. With a rotary die, it is a double-layer coextrusion plasticizing effect.


Its main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which increases the stability of the main engine speed regulation. The screw barrel adopts 38 chrome molybdenum aluminum, which is nitrided, and the traction frame adopts lifting type, which can make it big or small. The cooling effect is optimal. The winding is wound by a separate center torque, and the rotary die is used to make the film blowing effect better.


The monolayer blown film machine is equipped with an automatic temperature control system to control each heater and fuselage cooling fan, so that the temperature of the plasticizing process is constant and accurate, and meets the process requirements of film production, ensuring excellent quality of the heat-receiving film; The wind ring adopts a special structure, which is beneficial to plasticization and cooling requirements; it is easy to operate, compact in structure, centralized in control, and highly automated.


The monolayer blown film machine is suitable for all kinds of high-grade film packaging. This film is widely used in light and heavy packaging because of its good barrier property, preservation, moisture resistance, frost resistance, oxygen barrier and oil resistance. Such as a variety of fresh fruit, meat food, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverages, medical supplies and so on.