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Advantages of plastic folding machine and its production principle
- Nov 01, 2018 -

The plastic folding machine is mainly made according to the principle of plastic heating and soft melting welding. It is suitable for the folding angle of all thermoplastic materials; it also shows the advantages of fast speed, beautiful surface at the corners and high strength. Angle of folding of plastic folding machine: 0-180 degrees; air source pressure 4-8kg; rated voltage 380v; heating power 4-5.5kw; heating method: overall heating.


Not only that, the plastic folding machine can also be equipped with an automatic slotting mechanism. The plate opening of 15mm or more shortens the heating time and reduces the stretching at the folding angle, ensuring the bending quality and improving the processing efficiency. In the device, the touch screen sets the angle heating head and the quick change system to meet the requirements of different angles of the folding angle. The touch screen sets the angle to improve the cumbersome and inaccurate mechanical limit angle. The integrated high-strength frame has stable working performance and convenient transportation and installation.


The plastic folding machine can be directly bent, no need to splicing, no need to slot, no need for welding rod, its angle of appearance is not leaky, it will be converted into a fully automatic machine operation by hand welding, which improves the quality and improves labor. Efficiency, reduced labor costs, and greatly shortened the production cycle of the product, is an ideal electrical integrated automatic mechanical equipment.