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Advantages of the gusset bag making machine and its startup steps
- Oct 23, 2018 -

The gusset bag making machine has a series of advantages such as photoelectric automatic tracking, microcomputer fixed length, high limit stop, automatic counting, number alarm, high compensation precision, neatly produced bags, small error, high degree of automation, etc. It has become an ideal machine for producing various plastic flexible bags such as white bags, color bags, flat pockets and vest bags.


The gusset bag making machine should be prepared before starting the machine. For example, check the bag-making machine for any debris. If it needs to be cleaned, according to the requirements of the bag to be produced, the film roll should be adjusted and the bag adjusted. Dimensions, put on the heat-sealing knife, and carry out preliminary debugging, turn on the power, set the heat-sealing temperature, and input the relevant data of the bag making.


When the edge bag making machine is turned on, it is usually necessary to start the main machine first, adjust it while running, and align the film in the middle position, then adjust the left and right clips to align with the two sides of the film, adjust the front and rear clips, make the pattern aligned, and then carefully heat the The sealing knife is adjusted, the machine speed is initially adjusted, and a bag is made to see if it is qualified, not qualified, and the debugging is continued until it is qualified.


The bag manufactured by the edge bag making machine should be inspected for sealing, whether there are defects such as folding, etc. According to different problems, the bag making machine should be re-adjusted until the bag is qualified and put into production. After the production is finished, the power supply needs to be turned off to clean the machine and the environment.