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Analysis of main functions and characteristics of film rewinder machine
- Nov 03, 2018 -

The film rewinder machine is mainly used for the rewinding and slitting of the film, which plays the role of everything, and plays a important role in the subsequent re-cutting. In the rewinding process, it is not only necessary to effectively cut off the raw paper burrs; the whole original paper is also cut into a plurality of widths in accordance with the user's specifications; and the winding diameter of the finished film is controlled to meet the factory specifications.


The film rewinding machine can be double-sided embossed and glued to make the film softer than single-sided embossing. The finished double-sided effect is consistent, and each film does not spread when used, and when finished with the same size Weight loss of 15% or more. The film rewinding machine is equipped with different processing modes, which can switch between products in an instant, and can also be selected according to user requirements.


The automatic trimming, glue-spraying, sealing and drawing of the film rewinding machine are completed synchronously, so that there is no material loss when the film is transferred into the band saw and packaged, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product. It uses pneumatic belt feeding, and the re-reel and each shaft film have independent tension adjustment mechanism. Note that the voltage of the winder should be stable; do not allow debris to fall between the steel roller and the roller.