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Analysis of the cause of brittleness of diaper bag making machine
- Jul 16, 2018 -

In the process of using a diaper bag making machine, the problem of brittleness often occurs in the sealing process. The reason for this is that the main reasons include: 1. The heat sealing temperature is too high; 2. The pressure is too large; 3. The heat sealing time is too long; 4. The edge of the upper sealing device is too sharp or covered. Teflon damage; 5, the bottom sealing silicone rubber is too hard.


In addition, during the lamination and aging of the diaper bag making machine, a part of the adhesive penetrates into the inside of the film. The substrate is also affected by the penetration of the binder, and the toughness is also lowered, resulting in an increase in brittleness. Moreover, when the plastic composite packaging bag is cooled and placed, the heat sealing strength is increased, and there is also a tendency to become brittle.


For the reasons listed above, the countermeasures that can be taken are as follows: 1. Determine the processing temperature, pressure and heat sealing time of the diaper bag making machine according to the heat sealing characteristics of the material of the inner sealing layer; 2. Improve the upper heat Seal the surface of the knife to make the surface of the sealer flat; 3. Cover it with Teflon cloth; 4. Select a silicone rubber mat of suitable hardness.