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Application and advantages of Air Bubble bag making machine
- Jul 13, 2018 -

The Air Bubble  bag is mainly used for filling and packaging protection to transport the product, and the use of the filler not only has remarkable effects, but also reduces cost and good packaging effect. Therefore, the use of Air Bubble  bags is becoming more and more widespread, and at the same time, Air Bubble  bag making machines are attracting more and more attention in the market.


The Air Bubble  bag making machine has advanced performance, and the user can easily grasp the specific operation steps during the operation, and the film roll is easy to install, and the information can be edited and acquired through the touch screen. The machine adopts PLC control and Chinese operation interface, which greatly saves labor cost and improves operation efficiency. Moreover, the machine realizes online production, which saves about 90% of storage space and reduces production costs.


At the same time, the operation state of the Air Bubble  bag making machine is stable and reliable, and the operation cost is economical, and the product can be adjusted at any time as needed. Moreover, the Air Bubble  bag making machine can produce Air Bubble  bags of different sizes to meet different requirements. The Air Bubble  bag products produced are generally transparent or green, and can also be customized.