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Application of plastic film folding machine
- Sep 13, 2018 -

The plastic film folding machine is mainly used for the forming of the plastic film, in which a DC two-phase motor, a voltage regulating stepless speed regulation, and another material can be inserted, for example, a pearl film is inserted in the middle of the white film. The plastic film folding machine has been widely used in the field of film folding in accordance with its own good performance.


From the current point of view, the commonly used plastic film folding machine has such a structure: mainly consists of a tilted tripod, and a horizontal pressure roller located below the apex of the tripod and a guide roller disposed downstream of the horizontal pressure roller. . Usually this tripod is an upside-down or upright isosceles triangle made of a monolithic metal plate or a glass plate made of an isosceles triangle, and then a horizontal transverse roller is placed on the bottom of the triangle.


In the actual operation process, with the operation of the plastic film folding machine, the plastic film will gradually run to the tripod. At this time, the left half of the film is placed against the left bevel or the diagonal bar, and the right half of the film is placed against the right side. The beveled or slanted bar forms a fold line at the intersection of the left and right beveled or slanted bars, so that the film on the left and right sides are folded in half, and then the winding is completed.