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Application range and structural design of plastic sheet cutting machine
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The plastic sheet cutting machine is a saw blade type cutting and cutting machine. The cutting method is the lifting type. It is mainly matched with the plastic pipe profile extrusion production line. It is used for the fixed length cutting of various plastic products such as plastic pipes and profiles. Convenience.


The plastic sheet cutting machine comprises a frame with a working table and a moving beam for the plate to be cut, and a guide rail is arranged on the opposite sides of the working table, and the two ends of the moving beam are respectively mounted to the guide rails on both sides. The moving beam has a cutting knife holder sliding along the moving beam, and the cutting knife holder has a pressing device for pressing the corresponding position plate, and the pressing device mounted on the cutting knife holder moves together with the cutting knife holder and the cutting knife .


Compared with the existing suction type cutting machine, the plastic sheet cutting machine has the beneficial effects of reducing noise pollution and saving energy. At the same time, it also shows strong cutting ability, low cutting cost, small cutting deformation, high cutting precision, fast cutting speed, long cutting time and long perforation time, which is more suitable for fully automated operation. Its application is mainly limited to extruded board products and large thickness sheet cutting.


In addition to plastic sheet cutting machines, there are of course other cutting equipment, including CNC pipe cutting machines, CNC steel cutting machines, CNC bevel cutting machines, CNC woodworking cutting machines, etc., for cutting operations in different industries.