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Automatic bottom sealing bag making machine structure
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The automatic bottom sealing bag making machine is composed of a series of different devices, which are composed of a frequency conversion device and a storage device and a whole bag device, and each device has its own corresponding function. The storage device mainly stores the corresponding raw materials, and the whole bag device is in the whole bag after the number of fixed bags is produced.


The frequency conversion device is also an important device in the automatic bottom sealing bag making machine. The device can effectively protect the motor in the case of frequent start and stop of the motor, avoiding the influence of the starting current on the power grid, and effectively achieving energy saving and consumption reduction. In the production, first open the discharge switch, and control the storage motor action through the storage photoelectric to store the quantitative materials. Turn on the heating control switch and warm the hot knife through the thermostat.


With the operation of the automatic bottom sealing bag making machine, the stepping motor is used to drive the raw material action, and different methods are adopted according to different sealing and cutting requirements to realize the fixed length control. After the stepping motor stops, the three-phase asynchronous motor drives the hot knife to seal and cut. After sealing and setting the number of bags, carry out the whole bag.