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Automatic slitting machine use notes summary
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Before turning on the automatic slitting machine, it is necessary to check whether the voltage, current, etc. are normal and stable. Before you can run it, you need to be up and running to ensure your personal safety. When the automatic slitting machine is running, it is forbidden to touch the running film roll or the roll core by hand to avoid personal injury caused by the hand being caught. During the operation, it is forbidden to scratch or cut each roller core with a knife or a hard object.


Usually, before the automatic slitting machine is put into use, it should be checked whether the various parts are properly adjusted. For the parts that need lubrication, lubrication should be done in advance to check whether the tool is sharp. After everything is normal, you can run the empty car first, check if there is any abnormality, and input the processing order into the computer to check the order.


After the automatic slitting machine is operated, it should pay close attention to its running state, and adjust it to the best working condition according to the production requirements, ensure that the slitting machine has a moderate indentation, and the cutting is free of burrs, and the trimming positions on both sides are appropriate. After the work is finished, clean the dust and debris on the equipment in time, check the cutter and the grinding wheel, and check whether there is any abnormality in the running part. Then, according to the instructions, cut off the power supply and maintain the computer operating system.