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BOPP bag making machine function and use
- Aug 18, 2018 -

BOPP bag making machine has advanced performance and wide application range. At present, we can use this machine to produce high and low pressure vest bags, arc bags, roast duck bags, food bags, flat pockets, medical disposable bags (clothing bags, shoe bags). Sanitary napkin bags, etc. In the production of the curved bag, it is only necessary to add the front bag.


The BOPP bag making machine runs stably and reliably. The whole machine is controlled by the microcomputer computer system. The stepping motor is used to drag the material, and the user can select the servo motor control system to arbitrarily set the length, the step length photoelectric tracking, accurate, stable, and automatically stop the label loss; Automatically synchronize the upper double-sided tape, automatic punching; automatic counting and setting count report * heat sealing lace, automatic constant temperature, sealing is firm and flat.


The BOPP bag making machine has powerful functions, and it not only has a high level of automation, but also has functions such as motor fixed length, photoelectric tracking, automatic punching, automatic product delivery, etc., and has high production efficiency. The BOPP bag making machine is suitable for sealing and cutting the plastic film of the natural color and color printing with heat sealing performance into a packaging bag.