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BOPP bag making machine use and configuration
- Jan 19, 2019 -

BOPP bag making machine is widely used in the production of various packaging bags, such as disposable tableware bags, shirts, skirts, pants, tweezers, towels, bread and jewelry bags, courier bags, clothing bags, socks bags, towel bags, Plastic film bags such as bread bags, jewelry bags, underwear bags, stationery bags, electrical component bags, bamboo wood products bags, etc.


In the processing of BOPP bag making machine, various heat sealable materials such as BOPP, PP, PE, and heat shrinkable film are used. The main engine frequency control, the whole machine adopts microcomputer computer control, stepping motor tow material, and optional servo motor control system.


BOPP bag making machine computer fixed length, step photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable, automatic shutdown when the label is lost, the photoelectric control is used for feeding; there is also automatic counting and settable counting alarm; intelligent temperature control system makes the bag sealing tight , flat; strong static eliminator; double-sided heat sealing cutter and other devices.