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Bottom seal bag making machine is a good choice for making envelopes
- Jan 12, 2019 -

The bottom sealing bag making machine is suitable for different industries. The service areas involved include catering, clothing, chemical, home textile, daily chemical, food, toys, tobacco and alcohol, medicine, hardware, machinery, gifts, handicrafts, etc. The whole machine can be matched with the middle sealing machine and the edge sealing machine to complete the bottom sealing process of the middle sealing bag and the three side sealing bag, and cut into bags, and its sealing is flat and the quality is stable.


The bottom seal bag making machine not only has a reasonable structural design, but also has powerful functional characteristics. The machine can automatically seal and cut, with computer control, frequency control, photoelectric tracking, automatic temperature control, work counting, automatic parking and so on. The whole machine adopts microcomputer computer control, arbitrarily fixed length, step photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable, and automatic shutdown when the label is lost.


The bottom sealing bag making machine can make the sealing firm and flat. In the course of its operation, it also has an automatic counting and settable counting alarm function. The bottom seal bag making machine has low running noise, adopts plc control, color touch screen, and Chinese and English operation interface, which is a good choice for making bottom sealing bag.