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Bottom sealing bag making machine features and functions
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The bottom sealing bag making machine is a high-tech product integrating the advantages of foreign similar products and its own years of experience and developed according to market demand. It is suitable for all kinds of clothing bags, advertising soft hanging bags and other dual-use combinations. Multifunctional high speed automatic bag making machine.


Tests prove that the bottom seal bag making machine is very suitable for high and low pressure polyethylene plastic film; its electrical control uses electronic liquid crystal touch screen for real-time display, display operating parameters can be set according to different product needs; and all temperature control adopts electronic liquid crystal digital monitor.


When the bottom bag making machine is used as a soft tote bag, the two hand-held rings are simultaneously sealed up and down, without deviation and the sealing is beautiful. In addition, the bag feeding motor of the bottom sealing bag making machine is controlled by a stepping motor, and the main machine is controlled by a soft start inverter, which is stable in operation and reduces the probability of occurrence of failure.


The bottom sealing bag making machine not only has the bottom sealing, but also the soft hand strap function on the opening; in addition, it also adds a number of automatic alarm functions such as color mark tracking, temperature overrun, automatic counting, finished product delivery, etc., which can fully guarantee the operation of the equipment. Safety and stability.