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Briefly describe the use and performance of the loop handle bag making machine
- Aug 23, 2018 -

The loop handle bag making machine is a fully automated production equipment, which is usually processed from PP non-woven fabrics to produce various toroidal tote bags. Compared with the traditional bag making machine, the loop handle bag making machine using PP non-woven fabric is manufactured by ultrasonic welding to assist the manufacture of the finished product.


Therefore, in the production process, if the thickness of the PP non-woven is thicker, the longer the welding time is required, so that the production speed of the loop handle bag making machine is also reduced. In addition, the length of the bag will also affect the number of production per minute.


Features of the loop handle bag making machine:

1. The machine adopts automatic tension control and ultrasonic welding.

2, for different size processing requirements, you can change the mold to achieve the purpose of producing different sizes of products.

3. Two-color printing mechanism can be installed.

4. The toroidal tote manufacturing machine is controlled by computer program, photoelectric detection, high reliability and low failure rate.

5. The machine is small in size and small in footprint. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm and does not rust.