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Characteristics of film Blowing machine
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Basic Features

Group is suitable for blowing low density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low-density (LLDPE) and other plastic film, widely used in fruit, food, clothing, textiles, strain cultivation, daily necessities, such as civil and industrial products inside and outside the packaging.

Design features

The film blowing machine is mainly composed of extruder, head, die Head, cooling device, stable bubble frame, human word board, Traction roll, coiling device and so on.

Extruding Machine Extruder mainly by screw, barrel, adding hopper, reducer and driving motor; through the belt drive reducer, the reducer drives the screw in the barrel for rotating motion; the screw adopts special structure, that is, a section of screw is equipped with a special mixing device, which relies on the surrounding plastic to hold the centering when working.

The axial force of the screw shaft is borne by the 7310 or 7614 bearing which is installed between the reducer and the screw rod, and the feeding port of the barrel is designed according to the material characteristic, which facilitates the smooth entry of the screw groove and is sent away to ensure the conveying ability and the steady extrusion quality.

Head The head is made of filter screen, filter board, head gland three parts, in order to adapt to contain more impurities in the production of plastic raw materials, the unit adopts a large filter area of the right angle head structure, while considering high pressure, low pressure, mixture, renewable raw materials have a greater power viscosity, the material flow path design made a reasonable choice,

and using the extruder drive motor to squeeze the filter plate, it can be adapted to a separate network operation.

Die Head The die head chooses the advanced spiral die head structure, according to the high pressure, the particularity of low pressure, mixture and raw material polyethylene, the design of the main technical parameters, such as helix angle, Xianpo angle, shape angle length, die opening degree, etc., has been optimized and set up by several comparative tests, which has the advantages of internal pressure, uniform extrusion, stable film strength and good performance,

The advantages of no stitching seam and the matching of the extruder of this machine are good; at the same time, the exchange of high and low pressure polyethylene and mixed materials, raw material ratio for blown film production, can not replace the die head, according to user needs can be prepared a variety of die head, replacement operation one can be completed, simple, safe, convenient and fast.

Cooling device

By cooling wind ring, blower and other components, cooling wind ring external cooling type adjustable wind ring, can adjust the opening of inlet Tuyere, easy to operate, is conducive to film thickness and uniformity of control.

Stable Bubble Frame

This unit adopts the setting ring, the shape rod adjustable structure stable bubble frame, the adjustment scope is big, the operation adjustment is convenient, the bubble tube is stable, creates the condition for the coiling tube formation.

Traction Auxiliary Machine Traction auxiliary machine by traction frame, herringbone board, Traction roll, coiling mechanism and traction motor and other major components, the unit traction motor using electromagnetic slip-type motor, through the deceleration part of the drive two to the traction roller, at the same time drive coiling machine. The Herringbone plate is fixed on the retention frame underneath the traction roller, the angle of the size of the adjustment according to the blowing thin specifications can be freely adjusted, two pairs of traction rolls made of rubber rollers and steel rollers, can effectively prevent the gas escape and ensure the smooth rolling of the material, traction frame using assembled structure, easy disassembly, facilitate the transport and loading and unloading.

The coiling device adopts an effective center coiling mechanism, its tension is constant, the device is driven by the sprocket wheel friction piece, by the friction blade drive large gear, and then drive the coiling shaft, so as to ensure the diameter of the coiling from small to large, the size of its friction force can be controlled by adjusting the spring force size.

Air compression

Air compressor output of compressed air, the feeding tank outlet valve enters the die head Spiral mandrel Center hole, the mold head is equipped with the pressure regulation felling, according to the product size requirement to adjust the gas, the air pressure, the air through the core Rod center hole enters the bubble tubular center, the blow expands the extrusion plastic into the bubble tube shape film.

Electrical control The electrical control is equipped with the unit operation cabinet, the total power button is connected to the total power supply and the motor switch is turned on. Can be controlled by the button switch body and three-mode, die each button electrothermal, where the key parts of the use of thermocouple automatic temperature control and automatic controller, in the normal production process, temperature can be automatically controlled to ensure stable and reliable production process.