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Components and advantages of the winding machines for condenser bushings
- Dec 18, 2018 -

The winding machines for condenser bushings can be classified according to different industries when it is used. The winder has a lithium battery winder, a capacitor winder, a textile winder, and the like. The condenser casing winding machine can be effectively divided into a manual winding machine, a semi-automatic winding machine and a fully automatic winding machine according to the operation mode. In the case of a lithium battery winder and a capacitor winder, buyers are generally classified according to the place of origin, and are mainly classified into a domestic winding machine, a Korean winding machine, and a Japanese winding machine.


One of the main unit machines in the winding machines for condenser bushings is mainly used for further processing of nascent fibers (including filaments or staple fiber tows) obtained during processing during melt spinning. And make it into a special machine in a certain package form.


winding machines for condenser bushingss typically have four main components: a wet oiling section, a stretch or wire guide, a winding section, and an electrical drag and control section. According to the different types of processed fibers, the melt-spinning reel has various types such as a filament winding machine, a short fiber winding machine and an industrial wire winding machine; in the case of a filament winding machine, it can be divided. It is a conventional winder (winding speed of 1000 to 2000 m/min), a high speed winder (3000 to 4000 m/min), and an ultra high speed winder (5000 to 8000 m/min).


winding machines for condenser bushings is mainly used as rubber pipeline, nylon, polyester cord, polyester rope winding, high-tech fiber, coated yarn, artificial grass, lithium ion battery production, coated fiberglass, single Silk, multifilament flat yarn (monofilament or multi-head ingot), mis-type spindles and other fields.