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Construction and functional characteristics of the winding machine condenser bushings
- Aug 16, 2018 -

The winding machine condenser bushings consists of two parts: the manipulator and the torso. The manipulator runs in a straight line during the operation. In order to cooperate with the manipulator, the so-called linear hydraulic cylinder, swing hydraulic cylinder, electro-hydraulic pulse motor and servo are generally used. Actuators such as hydraulic motors, AC servo motors, DC servo motors, and stepper motors.


The trunk of the winding machine condenser bushings is the main part, including the mounting arm, the power source, the brackets of various actuators, etc., all belonging to the torso of the dispenser. During the operation, its discharging is free-floating, and the upper belt is easy to operate.


The strip breakage occurs during the winding process of the condenser casing winder, and the machine automatically stops winding. With a simple upper belt connection, the core can be continuously wound to the required size, the strip scrap can be reduced, and the yield can be improved. The strip cutting is improved to a round blade, which is quick and easy to adjust and replace the blade.


At the same time, the winding machine condenser bushings also adopts a touch screen, which makes the parameter setting convenient. It is suitable for winding oil-immersed casing and dry casing. The winding method is winding the whole paper, and it can be more according to the length of the product. Roll paper, automatic stitching molding.