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Control precision and production requirements of film slitting machine
- Nov 29, 2018 -

The structure of the film slitting machine is compact and reasonable, and the appearance is beautiful when used. The base and side plates are cast by gray iron, which is firm and reliable. The winding adopts the winding method of the upper and lower double gas rising shafts in the same direction, the clamping of the winding and unwinding, and the action of the cutter shaft and the pressure roller are all pneumatically controlled, and the operation is simple and quick.


The single-motor variable frequency drive of the film slitting machine, synchronous belt drive, stable and reliable operation, low noise, the tension control of the whole equipment controls the magnetic powder clutch winding, the magnetic powder brake unwinding, the tension control precision is high, the response is fast, and the adjustable range is wide; The volume adopts advanced analog photoelectric automatic correction system, which has static elimination device, edge blowing device and automatic metering. Each function can be configured according to customer requirements.


The film slitting machine is mainly composed of a cutting mechanism, a winding mechanism, a unwinding mechanism, each functional roller, and a tension control correction control and detection device. The working principle is as follows: the metallized film raw material discharged from the unwinding mechanism, through the flattening roller, the tension detecting roller, the energizing roller, the correcting system, and the cutting mechanism, after the raw materials are cut, the winding mechanism respectively winds up Standard film roll.