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Correct operation guide for Refuse Bag Making Machine
- Jan 24, 2019 -

Prepare the Refuse Bag Making Machine before starting the machine, adjust the size of the bag according to the construction order and process documentation requirements, install the heat sealing knife, and preliminarily divide the position of the cutting knife and the heat sealing knife; turn on the power supply and set the heat according to the requirements of the process documentation. Sealing knife temperature; input the relevant data of the bag making and the required number per tie; select the edge of the pattern with large color difference to adjust the sensitivity of the light eye to the left and right to meet the requirements.


When the Refuse Bag Making Machine starts production, first start the main motor, run at low speed, then adjust the edge position control, and divide the film in the middle position; adjust the left and right nip rollers to align the left and right films, adjust the front and rear nip rollers, and make the pattern align Adjust the heat-sealing knife to the range of heat-sealing requirements of the bag; adjust the slitting blade to the desired position and adjust the punching position to the scissors opening; adjust the machine speed initially, take a flat sample bag, and carry out Confirmation of the first inspection.


After the above various process adjustments meet the requirements, the Refuse Bag Making Machine counter is opened, the equipment is restarted, and the running speed of the main motor is increased to normal bag making during operation. In the production process, the finished product is self-inspected according to the inspection standard of the finished product, and the bag collector shall be placed on the board neatly after the product is inspected.


When the Refuse Bag Making Machine is turned off and then turned on, the machine speed must be slowed down for about 2 minutes and then raised to the normal speed to avoid the bag heat sealing is not tight. Press the stop switch, switch all automatic control manually, turn off the temperature control, chilled water, tension controller, air compressor, remove the trimming material, and inflate the air compressor and accessories to remove the compressed air to close the main gate.