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Courier bag manufacturing machine performance characteristics
- Jul 11, 2018 -

The courier bag making machine is used to make the courier bag, which is mainly processed by the material made by the double-layer co-extrusion blown film machine. The whole machine of the courier bag manufacturing machine is controlled by a microcomputer, and the stepping motor is used for dragging. According to different production requirements, the user can select a servo motor control system.


In the actual processing, the express bag manufacturing machine has the function of computer fixed length, step photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable, automatic shutdown when the label is lost, and the photoelectric feeding is used for feeding. At the same time, the device also has the functions of automatic counting, counting alarm and setting the whole stop. The machine should have automatic glue, or automatic glue bonding function.


Not only that, the courier bag making machine can also add a courier to place the bag, and the four sides are sealed, the tube material is broken, and the material is corrected. That is to say, in the process of actual operation, through the computer control, the fixed length system makes the sealing and cutting size error small. Moreover, the user can select the computer numerical control to adjust the length of the bag. When there is a problem with the printing bag, the machine automatically stops and gives a warning sound, which greatly improves the quality of the production.