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Five key points for the maintenance of gift bag making machines
- Dec 29, 2018 -

The gift bag making machine is easy to use and can effectively improve work efficiency. As a user, it is also necessary to do daily maintenance and maintenance work. The specific key requirements are as follows:

First, the electrical part of the gift bag making machine should be inspected regularly to remove hidden dangers in time;

Second, during the use of the gift bag manufacturing machine, the adjustment work should be done in time according to the production situation;

Third, the daily maintenance of the gift bag making machine should be in place. The basic requirements are: smooth, clean, clear (no dust, no debris) in place to ensure that the sliding part of the equipment is in good condition;

Fourth, it is necessary to maintain regular inspections on the rotating parts of the gift bag making machine, especially the wearing parts should be inspected and replaced in time, and carefully recorded to achieve the purpose of extending the service life of the equipment.

Fifth, the operator should carry out professional training before going to work. Everyday, it is necessary to further improve the technical quality and degree of the operator of the gift bag making machine. The local operation of the control should be done by a special person, and no one can operate it without any permission.