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Food bag making machine is favored by the majority of users
- Jul 18, 2018 -

At present, the food bag making machine on the market is not only of a very rich type, but also has different functions and can directly produce different types of products. Under normal circumstances, the finished bag made by the food bag making machine is flat, stiff, scratch-free, beautiful in appearance, high in heat sealing strength at the edge sealing, high in bag making precision, fast in speed, high in pressure, low in noise and long in service life. The performance is stable, so it is favored by related industries such as food.


As an ideal equipment for packaging in the food field, the food bag making machine is an advanced machine, electricity and gas integrated equipment. The mechanical use of large pressure structure, the main motor and the discharge motor are controlled by frequency conversion, the traction component adopts servo motor, the pressure and tension of the traction rubber roller, and the double feed is controlled by pneumatic.


Moreover, the electrical system of the food bag making machine is specifically controlled by an industrial computer, and the state of each parameter in the production process is dynamically displayed by the color CRT screen. These include: bag length, actual length, speed, quantity, batch number, alarm, tracking, traction tension, electric heating temperature, simultaneous discharge, fault shutdown, double delivery and other options.