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High-precision operation steps of high speed slitting machines
- Nov 06, 2018 -

In the high-precision operation of the high speed slitting machines, the first step is to process the blank paper stock; the cutting mode switch is set to the blank state, and the actual cutting length value is input to the 3-digit length dial, and the control box is pressed. The power is reset, sent to the power supply, and the various system switches are turned on to power up.


Then press the operation button on the empty machine to adjust the host speed potentiometer. Put the barrel on the unwinding mechanism, and fix it. Wear the film according to the drawing road of the figure. First, open the feeding speed to the maximum. Press the operation key and adjust the feeding potentiometer to make the pendulum roller float in the middle. The position indicates that the feed speed matches the feed pull speed. Adjust the tension roller tension spring to adjust the tension between the material feeding roller and the feed roller.


The second step is to process the printing paper material, switch the cutting mode switch to the printing state, align the material cutting position, rotate the electric eye holder hand wheel, move the electric eye to the target position, adjust the flexibility of the electric eye, and work according to the electric eye. The state selects the photoelectric mode; at the same time, the detection mode switch is switched to the slow detection file.


The high-speed slitting machine is powered on and the power of each component is turned on. After the adjustment, the detection mode switch is turned to the fast detection state; the speed of the main engine is gradually increased, and the feeding speed is accelerated, so that the material or the swinging roller floats in the middle position, that is, the feeding speed and the feeding speed are The feed pull speed is matched.