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High-speed coreless refuse bag making machine features
- Aug 21, 2018 -

The high-speed coreless refuse bag making machine is mainly used for the production of household coreless garbage bags, including HDPE, LDPE and other materials. The machine is usually equipped with an iron plate frame and is stable at high speed. Garbage bags are very common in our lives. Everyday life is inseparable from garbage bags, but everyone knows very little about garbage bag making machines. Let's introduce the equipment.


The high-speed coreless refuse bag making machine is a new type of intelligent machine. Its entire body is made of PIC. All the parameters in the host are displayed by the human machine interface at any time. Therefore, we can freely set the length, thickness, width, and the temperature required in the production process and the delivery rate of the finished product on the screen interface of the host computer.


In actual operation, the high-speed coreless refuse bag making machine is automatically controlled by a computer, and has the functions of automatic counting, free setting counting alarm, etc., high efficiency, saving manpower and time. From the roll film to the finished bag, the whole process is automated. The machine adopts heat sealing and hot cutting device, and the intelligent temperature control system makes the bag sealing firm and flat.