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Introduction of main technical parameters of zip lock bag making machine
- Sep 04, 2018 -

The zip lock bag making machine has advanced design concept, greatly reduces production cost, and further improves production speed, high efficiency, and can process zipper bags of various specifications and shapes. The machine can be applied to processing a variety of composite films, the bag making speed is about 150 segments / min, about 30m / min. The actual running speed will decrease due to bag type, material, etc.


During the operation of the zip lock bag making machine, the operating state of the zipper bag making machine can be controlled by the industrial computer control mode and displayed on the display screen. Or use multi-bit photoelectric tracking control. At the same time, the unwinding method adopted includes a plurality of types, and the sheet material is a horizontal reel, a V-shaped folding frame, and a pneumatic lock. The accessories are horizontal unwinding air shafts and triangular folding plates. The control system is controlled by automatic constant tension by a floating roller, a magnetic powder brake, an encoder, a sensor, and the like.


In the process of heat sealing, the heat sealing speed, heat sealing time, heat sealing ratio, acceleration, and the like of the zipper bag making machine can be controlled and adjusted. The temperature is adjustable from 0 to 300 °C, no contact automatic control, TFT display.