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Introduction of the function of the cutting system of LDPE bag making machine
- Jan 17, 2019 -

The cutting system of LDPE bag making machine is composed of cutter, length adjuster, overrunning clutch, wire adjustment, etc. The cutter is the most important part of the system. It is a floating mechanism that is pressed by spring and sliding guide. The upper and lower knives can be adjusted. Among them, an adjusting screw is provided, which can be used to adjust the tightness of the cutter, and can well exclude the difficulty of cutting raw materials.


The length of the LDPE bag making mechanism bag is adjusted to change the position of the connecting rod on the eccentric pallet to control the length of the bag, and the size of the bag is adjusted by tightening the hand wheel and the nut. The performance of the overrunning clutch directly affects the error of the product length, but in the course of use, due to the high operating frequency, its life has a certain limit.


The distance between the welding line and the cutting line of the LDPE bag making machine is generally 5-10 mm. Turning the hand wheel on the adjusting frame to raise or lower the beam roller to a certain distance, the ideal cutting line is obtained. In order to facilitate the observation of the quality of the wire, the wire position of the single bottom wire can be adjusted to the outer end of the machine cutter.


The automatic light control feeding device of LDPE bag making machine is composed of servo motor, feeding rubber roller, light control louver, blind, photoelectric tracking machine and electric control line. Its function is to keep the film feeding normally during the production process. When the machine is running, when the film feeding speed is too fast to cover the light control rays, the device will issue a command to stop the motor from rotating and feeding.