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Maintenance of centralized feeding system for EPE Foam Bag Making Machine
- Jan 22, 2019 -

EPE Foam Bag Making Machine In the production process, an excellent centralized feeding system can help better production, effectively reduce costs and improve product quality. Then, in order to ensure the performance of the centralized feeding system, how do we carry out it? Reasonable maintenance.


The centralized feeding system of EPE Foam Bag Making Machine should be responsible for recording the operation status, such as the operation sound of the vacuum station, the dust treatment of the dust removal device, whether the raw material is in a smooth state, whether the compressed air is in the normal range, and whether there is any shortage. Material phenomenon, etc.


Regular inspection of centralized feeding system equipment, such as airtightness inspection of pipeline connectors, filter cleaning of dust removal devices, inspection of seals, inspection of air dampers and intercept valves, inspection of electrical parts, etc. It is best to use the holidays to completely overhaul the equipment and replace the wearing parts. Reasonable maintenance of the EPE Foam Bag Making Machine centralized feeding system can effectively ensure the production situation and improve the production efficiency, thus effectively saving costs.