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Motor drive and working mode of plastic bag making machine
- Feb 23, 2019 -

The plastic bag manufacturing machine mainly adopts imported PLC, and the man-machine interface is centrally controlled. Stable performance, easy to operate and maintain. The operation interface can be switched between English and English. All parameters are displayed in real time by the man-machine interface, and the bag making speed, bag length, temperature, counting, finished product delivery, etc. can be preset.

The plastic bag manufacturing machine LPC automatically corrects the deviation, double photoelectric tracking and discharging, automatic constant tension control, AC frequency conversion and constant speed automatic feeding. Import dual servo drag control during operation. The whole product is driven by an upper and lower voltage AC variable frequency motor.

The temperature is adjusted by PID, adjustable from 0 to 300 °C, no contact automatic control, and the man-machine interface is set centrally. The temperature is centrally controlled by the computer. Pneumatic multi-function automatic punching, automatic removal of edge material removal, with static elimination device.

Working method of plastic bag making machine: fixed length bag making, photoelectric tracking bag making

Punching method of plastic bag making machine: continuous, interval, stop, stamping time can be preset

The double delivery method of the plastic bag manufacturing machine: one to six times delivery.