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Paper Slitter use precautions and maintenance requirements
- Dec 25, 2018 -

Before starting the paper slitter, be sure to confirm that the connected voltage, current and other circuit systems are correct and stable. Before the equipment is ready to run, all personnel must notify the departure device to ensure personal safety before starting the operation. When the paper slitter is in operation, it is forbidden to touch the running film roll or the roll core by hand to avoid personal injury caused by the hand being involved.


Note that during the operation of the paper slitter, it should be carried out according to the requirements. Do not scratch or cut the cores with a knife or a hard object. Care and maintenance of the equipment is also required during daily use. That is to say, before using the equipment, the main components should be inspected and filled with lubricating oil; when inspecting the disassembly and assembly of the automatic slitting machine, it is strictly forbidden to use unsuitable tools and unscientific operation methods.


It is also generally required to perform a full-scale cleaning and inspection of the paper slitter every half month. If the equipment is not used for a long time, wipe all bright surfaces, apply anti-rust oil, and cover the whole machine with a plastic cover. If the paper slitting machine is deactivated for more than 3 months, the moisture-proof paper should be covered with anti-rust oil. After the work is completed, carefully clean the equipment, wipe the exposed friction surface, and add lubricant.