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Paper slitting machine range and trimming device
- Dec 04, 2018 -

In the process of making the Paper slitting machine, the surface center is taken up mainly, the winding quality is very uniform and stable, the fixed length of the equipment is automatically stopped, the length is automatically counted, and the trimming device is used when used. The material is discharged by a fan. The Paper slitting machine is suitable for slitting narrow strips (insulating materials, mica tapes, films, etc.) for various thin coils.

Paper slitting machine range:

1. Applicable substrate: mica tape, paper, insulation material and film slitting

2, applicable industry: related industries with various insulating materials, special electrical paper, film

3. Applicable technology: splitting, finished product inspection, finished product separation, process cutting


The Paper slitting machine uses PLC to complete the calculation, control the movement of each part, realize the self-diagnosis function of the system, touch screen as the man-machine interface, accept the operator's command, set and display various operating parameters, the inverter drives the main drag motor, Each transmission provides motion and power.


The Paper slitting machine unwinding tension control system adopts constant tension unwinding to ensure that the raw materials are not deformed during the slitting process and does not wrinkle. The winding tension control system adopts constant torque winding to make the wounded finished product roll tight. Appropriately, the film roll end faces are neat.