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Performance advantages of automatic coil winder
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The style and model of the automatic coil winder is quite rich and can be classified in different ways. For example, in terms of use, it can be divided into general purpose and special type. The main advantage of the automatic coil winding machine is that the operator does not need training to go directly to the job, the production efficiency is high, the product quality is uniform, and the work can be performed without interruption for a long time.


In practical applications, the automatic coil winding machine has the following advantages:

1. Realized the function of automatic loading and unloading;

2, automatic operation, easy to operate, free to set;

3, modular design, easy to maintain

4, precision tension control, quality is guaranteed

5. The equipment runs stably and reliably with high precision;

6, high rigidity, cable, guide rail, winding stability.


At the same time, in the use of the automatic coil winder, in order to ensure long-term stable and efficient operation, the structural design of the automatic coil winding machine is more and more advanced. For example, it is considered to give an alarm function to the vulnerable and faulty parts, so that the alarm signal is received. After that, on the one hand, alarm information such as sound and light will be given on the display screen or the operation panel, and on the other hand, protective instructions will be issued to power off or stop the system to ensure safety and prevent malfunction from expanding.