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Performance and characteristics of high speed film Slitter
- Dec 22, 2018 -

High-speed film Slitter is a new-generation slitting equipment integrating light, electricity and gas. It is mainly used for slitting various paper, film, cellophane, aluminum foil, self-adhesive and plastic PVC roll materials. The device has high precision and can complete the slitting and rewinding of the wire rod.


Main operating characteristics of high speed film Slitter:

1. The machine is specially equipped with the upper and lower air up shaft winding function, which makes the winding operation very convenient;

2. The tension of the magnetic powder clutch is controlled, and the user can also choose an automatic tension device;

3, the host frequency control, and equipped with a constant speed rubber traction shaft to maintain a constant cutting speed;

4. The device also has the function of automatic meter counting length, which can set the function of automatic shutdown for a certain length;

5, equipped with a round knife, flat knife device and edge fan blown out;

6. During the operation of the equipment, a part of the operation is completed by means of the cylinder, which is simpler for the user;

7. The unwinding device of the high-speed film Slitter controls the tension with a magnetic powder brake;

8. The unwinding raw material adopts automatic feeding device;

9. At the same time, it is equipped with photoelectric correction function. The device can automatically track the edge of the cut substrate for precise strip cutting.