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Performance requirements and speed control functions of automatic coil winder
- Dec 20, 2018 -

The automatic coil winder can automatically load and unload the function when it is used. The whole equipment is easy to operate and free to set. The modular design of the automatic coil winder is convenient and easy to maintain. The precision tension control of the whole equipment is guaranteed during operation.


The performance of the automatic coil winder is very stable and reliable, and the repeating precision is high. The high rigidity of the wire guide rail is stable, fully automatic, no manual operation, and the equipment is processed in order to adapt to the coil processing process. Need to configure the spindle speed control function, the winding equipment should be different in the type of processing. The configuration of the spindle motor that we are familiar with is AC motor, DC motor, servo drive motor, and the speed control used by these motors. The ways have their own characteristics.


The motor of the automatic coil winder has no speed regulation function. In use, it needs to pass the electromagnetic speed control device or install the frequency converter to realize the speed regulation function. In the winding equipment, we are more common in the speed regulation of the frequency converter. In the way, the frequency converter is controlled by the control system of the winding device to make the motor have a speed regulation function, and the method also has a certain energy saving effect.