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Plastic bag folding machine operation rules and performance requirements
- Dec 13, 2018 -

The plastic bag folding machine is mainly used to process the edge of the product during use, such as a lithium ion power battery automatic folding package folding machine using a multi-station rotary cycle mode, and the lithium ion power battery is passed through the three stations. Folding and encapsulating is carried out, and each station adopts a folding knife body with different angles, which has the characteristics of low cost, stable performance, high degree of automation and convenient adjustment.

Operating procedure for plastic bag folding machine
1. The plastic bag folding machine needs to wear tight protective clothing before the operation. The cuffs of the plastic bag are fastened, and the hem of the top is not open. During operation, it is not allowed to wear, change clothes or cloth around the machine. On the body, prevent machine strains. A safety helmet must be worn, and the tweezers should be placed in the cap. Do not wear skirts or slippers.
2. The folding work of the plastic bag folding machine must go through a certain professional study. It is necessary to understand the structure and performance of the machine tool that I operate and the method of correctly installing the mold.
3. Add the lubricating oil before use and check the empty car for two minutes.
4. After starting, wait until the running speed is normal before starting work; at the same time, observe the dynamics of surrounding people to prevent injury.
5. Do not use this machine beyond specifications.