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Plastic bag folding machine use and performance characteristics
- Jul 26, 2018 -

The plastic bag folding machine has excellent performance and reliable quality, which can bring us practical help in the production work. The plastic bag folding machine adopts special structure design. At the same time, it is equipped with automatic material correction and single-double photoelectric tracking and frequency conversion speed regulation. It can also insert another material, such as inserting pearl film in the middle of white film.


The main purpose of the plastic bag folding machine:

In the bag making work, it is often necessary to go through a lot of processes, and the hem is a process in front of the bag making machine. The machine is suitable for processing various materials such as BOPP, PP, CPP, POF, etc., and requires the flatness of the sheet to be good.


Performance and characteristics of plastic bag folding machine:

The device can be used for the folding and double-fold forming processing of the film, and the machine realizes functions such as automatic folding, automatic tape, folding piano bottom, frequency conversion speed regulation and the like. The equipment is mainly made of channel steel, and adopts three-phase AC motor, frequency conversion stepless, speed regulation, automatic material deviation correction, automatic charging and discharging, magnetic powder tension can be inserted into another material.