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Precautions for use of trash bag making machine
- Sep 06, 2018 -

At present, the trash bag making machine has been automated in production, usually only needs one or two people to operate, and can adjust the production speed and product size within a certain range. At the same time, in order to further realize the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, it has the function of recycling the residual material in the production process, and automatically collects the waste left in the bag making process, which is helpful for secondary utilization, reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.


Before the trash bag making machine is turned on, it needs to be prepared to ensure normal production. The first is to check whether there are any debris around the bag making machine. If it needs to be cleaned, according to the requirements of the bag to be produced, make a good film roll, adjust the size of the bag, install the heat sealing knife, and carry out preliminary debugging. Power supply, set heat sealing temperature, input data related to bag making.


After opening the garbage bag manufacturing machine, you should pay close attention to the operation status of the equipment and make accurate adjustments in time. Initially adjust the speed to make a bag to see if it is qualified. If it is unqualified, continue to debug until it is qualified. The bag to be manufactured should be inspected for sealing, whether there are defects such as folding, etc. According to different problems, the bag making machine should be re-adjusted. Until the bag is qualified, put into production. After the production is finished, the power supply needs to be turned off to clean the machine and the environment.