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Preparation of the plastic bag making machine before starting up
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The so-called plastic bag manufacturing machine mainly refers to a machine for making various types of plastic packaging bags, and the processing range is various plastics of various sizes and thicknesses. At the time of processing, it is also possible to print patterns and text on plastic bags, which has made a strong publicity for the company to promote the brand.


It should be noted that before the plastic bag manufacturing machine starts driving, it is necessary to do the relevant preparatory work. The main contents are as follows:

First, carefully check whether there are dust and debris around the plastic bag making machine, and if it should be cleaned up in time;

Second, the film roll is required in accordance with the requirements of the production notice.

Third, according to the production notification requirements, adjust the process parameters of the plastic bag manufacturing machine and the processing size of the bag, install the heat sealing knife, and initially adjust the position of the slitting knife and the heat sealing knife.

Fourth, turn on the power and set the heat seal temperature according to the requirements of the process documentation.

Fifth, input the relevant data of the plastic bags to be manufactured and the required number per tie into the system.

Sixth, select the edge of the pattern with a large color difference to adjust the sensitivity of the light eye to the left and right to achieve