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Production process of monolayer blown film machine and application of its products
- Oct 25, 2018 -

The production process of the monolayer blown film machine is not complicated. First, the dry polyethylene particles are added into the lower hopper, and the weight of the particles itself enters the screw high-speed blown film machine from the hopper. When the pellets are in contact with the threaded ribs, the single-layer blown film The rotating bevel faces the plastic to produce a thrust perpendicular to the beveled surface. The plastic particles are pushed forward by the plastic particles. The plastic is filtered through the machine head to remove impurities from the die die, and then cooled and inflated by the air ring. The word board, the pulling roll, and the take-up take the finished film into a roll.


The single-layer blown film machine produces films, which are widely used in various materials depending on materials and characteristics, and are suitable for various high-grade film packaging, plastic bag film, protective film and the like. The film is widely used in light and heavy packaging due to its high barrier properties, high pressure and low pressure film blowing machine, preservation, moisture resistance, frost resistance, oxygen barrier and oil resistance. Such as a variety of fresh fruit, meat food, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverages, medical supplies and so on.


The application range of monolayer blown film machine is mainly based on the different film blowing machine. For example, the film produced by pp single-layer blown film machine is suitable for various supermarket shopping bags, bacteria bags, etc. The bag with low requirements such as degree and brightness; the film blown by the high-pressure pe single-layer blown film machine is suitable for various fresh-keeping bags, and the film for returning is suitable for various garbage bags, etc. The film blowing machine is widely used in various kinds. industry.