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Related factors of heat sealing quality of courier bag making machine
- Nov 13, 2018 -

In the process of manufacturing the mechanism bag of the courier bag, the heat sealing quality will be affected by two factors, one is the heat sealing temperature. The heat sealing temperature of the composite film is closely related to the performance of the composite substrate, the thickness, the type of the bag making machine, the speed, the hot air pressure, etc., directly affecting the heat seal strength.


The sealing temperature of the composite film is determined by the viscous temperature or melting temperature of the heat sealing material, and the temperature and temperature of the heat sealing cannot exceed the decomposition temperature of the heat sealing material. The temperature between the viscous flow temperature and the decomposition temperature is the heat sealing temperature range of the heat seal material, which is a key factor affecting and controlling the heat seal quality. The wider the heat sealing temperature range, the better the heat sealing performance, and the easier and more stable the quality control.


Another is the heat sealing pressure, which is mainly provided by the pressure spring on the courier bag making machine; the pressure is related to the performance, thickness and heat seal width of the composite film. The heat seal pressure should increase as the thickness of the composite film increases.


When calculating the heat sealing pressure of the courier bag making machine, the width and actual surface area of the required heat sealing knife should be considered. The wider the width of the heat seal knife, the greater the pressure required. For the heat-sealing knives of the same width, if the surface is engraved, the actual contact area is greatly reduced, and the pressure per unit area is correspondingly increased, which is beneficial for the package having a large heat-sealing width.