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Shutdown operation of bottom seal bag making machine and finished product packing
- Jul 17, 2018 -

When the production task of the bottom seal bag making machine is completed, it is necessary to turn off the equipment in time, and cut off the total power supply, and then disconnect the power switch of each part. Then clean the bottom seal bag making machine and the on-site environment in time, and send the finished product to the general inspection room. In addition, it is necessary to make a record of the shift, requiring accurate and tidy.


When packing, first of all, the machine personnel will sort out the products produced by the bottom seal bag making machine, and select the quality defects, such as the folding, tunnel, flower width, knife line, heat sealing, etc. For qualified products, bundle the qualified products and hand them to the machine quality inspector for inspection. Then, the quantity and quality of the machine are inspected by the quality inspector of the machine. After the quantity and quality are qualified, they are loaded into the box according to the requirements and put into the packing list.


At the same time, the selected non-conforming products should be placed in the carton marked with “failed”. Then the machine personnel sent the on-duty products produced by the bottom seal bag making machine into the appearance quality inspection room. The general quality inspector conducts the sampling inspection according to the prescribed ratio of the products to be inspected, and then packages and stores them after passing the inspection.