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Signal processing and response speed of the courier bag making machine
- Feb 26, 2019 -

The direct measurement of the courier bag making machine has a socket type tension sensor, such as an excitation coil and a secondary coil of a piezo-magnetic tension sensor, and the secondary coil is an inductor, which appears when the magnetic element is subjected to mechanical stress in the measurement direction. The magnetic enthalpy phenomenon generates an induced alternating voltage signal proportional to the mechanical force on the secondary coil, and through signal processing, outputs a tension signal proportional to the magnitude of the mechanical force.

The varistor type tension sensor of the courier bag manufacturing machine is installed between the bearing and the frame, so that the horizontal tension of the reel can be recorded, and the corresponding amplifier is used for the full bridge voltage supply and measurement signal processing. The signal at the output of the amplifier is proportional to the radial force and can be used for digital display or as an instantaneous value for a closed loop; as well as a leaf spring type micro-displacement tension sensor. The advantages of the direct tension sensor are wide detection range, fast response and good linearity.

When the tension of the courier bag making machine is stable, the tension on the belt is balanced with the cylinder force, so that the floating roller is in the center position. When the tension changes, the position of the floating roller will rise or fall. The float roller potentiometer detects the change of the position of the floating roller. It will feed back to the tension controller with the position signal. The controller calculates and outputs the control signal.