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Slitting control and parking of the roll slitting machine
- Dec 27, 2018 -

In the process of slitting the slitting machine, the staff needs to pay close attention to the running state of the equipment and the cutting effect, and the cutting speed, unwinding tension, contact pressure and the curved roller and the edge pulling roller of the equipment are required. , leading edge, etc. to make appropriate adjustment control.


In the receiving section, when the inner and outer ends are wound up, and after the roll slitting machine stops running, the film is placed on the prepared unloading trolley, the film is cut and the film roll is pasted with the sealing glue. Use the collet release button to release the chuck and check that the film cores have left the core. If one is still stuck on the core, manually remove the film roll manually.


Usually, when the film roll reaches the set length, the roll slitting machine will automatically stop running; if the device is still running, press the MACHINE STOP button to stop it as needed; when it needs to stop quickly, it can be pressed continuously for more than two seconds. The MACHINE STOP button causes it to stop quickly; when an emergency such as equipment or human accident occurs, press EMERGENCY STOP to stop the emergency.