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Temperature control and traction speed of plastic film blowing machine
- Dec 11, 2018 -

To a certain extent, the plastic film blowing machine needs to develop a good habit of checking the temperature self-control, heating the electrical equipment intact, and paying attention to timely adjusting the heating temperature of each point within the index range. If there is any abnormality, it should be solved in time. The plastic blown film machine needs to check the traction speed, control the film thickness, ensure unbiased work in the production process, and improve the quality as much as possible.


When using the plastic film blowing machine, it is necessary to observe whether the film thickness is uniform, whether the folding diameter conforms to the standard, whether the film width is deviated, and appropriately adjusted. Effective inspection and control of the air storage cylinder pressure, not too high, but there should be spare pressure. Keep the raw material ratio and mix evenly, and reject the imbalance operation; when the pure raw materials are produced, check the classification so as not to affect the quality.


The plastic film blowing machine effectively checks the raw materials for impurities. When metal foreign matter is mixed in, it is necessary to use a magnet to forcibly absorb the mixed materials in time. If necessary, stop the inspection and take it out at the first time to prevent damage to the machine. Check the lubrication of the gearbox and the cylinder of the air compressor. Ensure sufficient oil when starting the machine.