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The attention of film blowing machine
- Jun 07, 2018 -

l.Operators are not allowed to stand in front of the machine to avoid accidental injuries and operators. When feeding, to prevent the raw materials with metal impurities and the operation of small tools, such as damage to the machine's hard material fell into the barrel.

Do not wear gloves when operating a rotating machine in case of injury. 

⒉ check and add the lubricating oil in the gearbox and air compressor, check the lubrication condition of the mechanical transmission parts.

Avoid dry operation damage the machine and make noise. 

⒊ boot operation must first check the power wiring is disconnected, leakage, check whether the equipment damage is not normal.

Before the boot, ensure that the components are safe and normal, so as not to affect production and accidents.

⒋ the forming conditions, the cooling temperature and the blowing ratio are increased, the turbidity of the film increases and the glossiness decreases.

⒌ die when the material is uniformly consistent, you can wear gloves slowly lifting tube billet, while the end of the tube closed, micro-open intake control valve, so that from the core of the center hole into a small amount of compressed air, and then carefully lead the stable bubble frame, the human Word board, and into the traction Roller, guide roller until coiling (if you want to press flowers to go through embossing roller)

The compressed air pressure of the 

⒍ blowing tube billet should be suitable, which can not break the tube billet, but also ensure the symmetrical stability of the membrane tube and guarantee the quality production. 

⒎ cleaning extruder and die mouth can be used copper knife, rod or compressed air cleaning, but avoid damage screw and screw smooth surface.