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The basic composition of a complete plastic bag machine
- Sep 18, 2018 -

A complete plastic bag machine is mainly assembled from the storage device, the stepping device, the frequency conversion device, the whole bag device, the heat sealing cutter and the control device. The storage device of the plastic bag machine stores the corresponding amount of raw materials, the stepping device drives the raw materials, the frequency conversion device drives the heat sealing cutter, the whole bag device is in the whole bag after the number of fixed bags is produced, and the heat sealing cutter controls the temperature to the raw materials through the temperature controller. Sealing and cutting, the control device as a whole coordinates all aspects of the action.


The inverter of the plastic bag machine has functions such as automatic torque compensation, slip compensation, and automatic voltage regulation. In the case of frequent start and stop of the motor, the motor can be effectively protected, and the influence of the starting current on the power grid can be avoided, and energy saving and consumption reduction can be effectively realized.


The thermostat of the plastic bag machine is also advanced, with self-tuning function, and the temperature error is controlled within 0.1 degree. The main control method is to open the discharge switch and control the operation of the storage motor through the storage material to store the quantitative materials. Turn on the heating control switch and warm the hot knife through the thermostat.


At the same time, the plastic bag machine drives the raw material through the stepping motor. The white bag sealing and cutting is to determine the stepping motor to stop the fixed number of steps to achieve the fixed length control; the color bag sealing and cutting is to detect the corresponding signal by the electric eye to stop the stepping. The motor is used to realize the positioning control; when the number of bags is sealed and cut, the whole bag is carried out.