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The basic structure of the cutting system of the trash bag making machine
- Aug 03, 2018 -

The cutting system of the trash bag making machine is composed of a cutter, a length adjuster, an overrunning clutch, and a wire bonding adjustment. Among them, the cutter is the most important part of the system. It is a floating mechanism that is pressed by a spring and a sliding guide. The upper and lower knives can be adjusted. The adjustment screw can be used to adjust the tightness of the cutter, which can well exclude the difficulty of cutting raw materials.


The bag length of the trash bag making machine is adjusted to control the bag length by changing the position of the link sleeve on the eccentric carriage, and the bag size is adjusted by tightening the hand wheel and the nut. The overrunning clutch is an important part of the machine. Its quality and performance directly affect the error of the product length, and it needs regular inspection and maintenance.


The distance between the welding line and the cutting line of the garbage bag manufacturing machine is generally 5-10mm. Turning the hand wheel on the adjusting frame to raise or lower the beam roller to a certain distance, the ideal cutting line is obtained. In order to facilitate the observation of the quality of the wire, the wire position of the single bottom wire can be adjusted to the outer end of the machine cutter. If the welding wire and the bottom thread are not parallel, loosen the fastening screw of one bevel gear and turn the handwheel to raise or lower one end of the beam roller. After the production is stable, lock the screw of the gear.


If you want to adjust the welding knife of the garbage bag making machine, you can put a thin piece of paper on the support seat, turn the big hand wheel in the body box by hand to make the welding knife at the bottom dead center, loosen the nut and adjust the nut. Manually pull the compression of the ends of the tissue until it is about equal. After the adjustment, lock the nut to prevent loosening.