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The function and function of plastic folding machine
- Aug 30, 2018 -

The plastic folding machine is mainly used for the forming process of plastic products. The machine is equipped with a three-phase AC motor, which realizes frequency conversion stepless, speed regulation, automatic material deviation correction, automatic charging and discharging, magnetic powder tension can be inserted into another Materials. The plastic folding machine is an integral part of the hot cutting unit and is suitable for the folding of BOPP, OPP, PE and PVC sheets.


The plastic folding machine has various functions, and it can automatically double-sided tape and upper pearl film. When used together with the ultrasonic generator, it also has the function of hobbing longitudinal sealing. After the additional breaking mechanism is added, the function of breaking the barrel can also be realized. The machine has higher requirements on the flatness of the sheet, and the folding edge is the previous process of the bag making machine.


The plastic folding machine is mainly made of channel steel material, and the process is not only a decorative effect of the product. With the development of the market, the plastic folding machine has developed for a long time in a multi-process and multi-process direction. Through the hemming treatment, the appearance of the product can be improved, and the design customization and artistic beauty of the product can be exhibited.