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The main purpose and advanced design of Plastic Bag Folding Machine
- Mar 21, 2019 -

The Plastic Bag Folding Machine can fold the plastic film in half, ultrasonic embossing, lining the pearl film, inserting the M bottom, which is an auxiliary machine of the hot-cut edge sealing bag making machine, and is an integral part of the hot cutting unit. The products are produced without scratches, smoothness and beauty. The machine has the advantages of convenient operation, high speed and stability.


The usual plastic products are made by plastic thermoforming. The plastic bags need to be folded during the manufacturing process. This requires the use of a plastic bag folding machine. In order to increase the folding effect, the plastic bags need to be aligned when folding. Fold the edge after heating the wire.


In order to simplify the process, the heat-dissipating plate and the heating wire are arranged in the bending groove of the plastic bag folding machine, and the plastic bag is heated in the process of folding, so that the plastic bag does not rebound and reset after being folded, thereby improving The folding efficiency of the plastic bag.


A suction hole is arranged on the folding platform of the plastic bag folding machine, and the plastic bag can be flattened and positioned by the fan and the air suction passage to facilitate folding of the plastic bag; one end of the fin is inserted into the suction passage, and the pair can be The inside of the heat shield is cooled to prevent the temperature of the heat shield from being too high, and the plastic bag is melted, thereby improving the folding effect of the plastic bag and the yield of the plastic bag.